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Your personal Seaside Sunshine Club Card bears your first name, last name and your personal Seaside code. As a cardholder, you agree to inform Seaside Hotels immediately of any changes to your personal details, e.g. if you change agency (the card will remain valid) or your name. Only if we have correct, up-to-date information can we ensure that all transactions are properly logged. Points will be credited to your account when the guest checks out. It is important that you ensure that your Seaside Code is transmitted to Seaside Hotels when the reservation is first made. We regret that Seaside Codes entered at a later point by the tour operator or retroactively entered in the booking system will not be accepted. No liability will be accepted if your personal Seaside Code is incorrectly transmitted.



The card remains the property of Seaside Hotels. The cardholder is responsible for ensuring that the card is used correctly. The Seaside Sunshine Card expires if no bookings are credited to it within a period of three years. Your "Seahorses" points expire after three years. The points, the Seaside Sunshine Card and your personal Seaside Code are non-transferable. In the event of card loss, the cardholder should advise Seaside Hotels in writing immediately and a replacement card will be provided. You can start collecting Seahorses points as soon as you receive your Seaside Sunshine Card and your personal Seaside Code. We regret that no points can be awarded for reservations made prior to your Seaside membership.


Club rules:

Seaside Hotels reserve the right to alter and amend the following rules and allocation key for Seahorse points without prior notification. You will receive written notification of any changes that have been introduced. Seaside Hotels reserve the right to discontinue the Seaside Sunshine Club scheme with six months’ notice. Seaside Hotels shall not be held responsible should the implementation of the Seaside Sunshine Club scheme become impossible due to force majeure or legal regulations. .


Spanish law applies
Court of jurisdiction: San Bartolomé de Tirajana



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